Epoxy Flooring and Countertop bundle
Epoxy Flooring and Countertop bundle
Epoxy Flooring and Countertop bundle

Epoxy Flooring and Countertop bundle

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Many people face a common challenge when learning epoxy from traditional courses and programs: a lack of practical application and real-world context. These courses often focus heavily on theoretical concepts, legal jargon, and technicalities, without providing sufficient guidance on how to apply these principles in real-life contracting scenarios.

This program has practical learning experiences and real-world context. We understand that simply understanding the theory of epoxy is not enough; learners need to develop the skills and confidence to navigate actual contracting situations effectively.

Our course employs a hands-on approach, incorporating interactive case studies, simulations, and practical exercises to ensure that learners gain practical experience and enhance their problem-solving abilities. 

This program covers all of this below plus more.

  • Flooring design fundamentals for beginners with no prior experience.
  • Flexible learning options to progress at your own pace.
  • Extensive content covering multiple chapters and hours of instruction.
  • Lifetime access to course materials for unlimited learning.
  • Comprehensive training on concrete, wood, and tile preparation techniques.
  • Master the distinctive DSD style of floor designing.
  • Get acquainted with essential equipment and materials for floor design.
  • Learn proper application methods for coatings on different surfaces.