Learning Epoxy Flooring with DSD
Learning Epoxy Flooring with DSD

Learning Epoxy Flooring with DSD

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Christopher Russell
Google Reviewer
Been a student before purchasing the course always admiring the work posted on social media. So getting to see how the masterpieces are created now is actually even more motivating. Course is simple to understand and makes things seem like it can be translated easy with practice and determination. Also love the interface of the courses easy to navigate and to get back to where you left off.
Shaun Roberts
Google Reviewer
I appreciate you homie!! Bed sold!! This will definitely keep me focused and out of trouble. You’re a blessing bro!
Google Reviewer
I would highly recommend DSD to anyone who loves art and looking for a new look for their home or business. I hired DSD to complete my floor for my business not knowing exactly what I wanted. I gave him the logo and Not only was he fast and accurate but he created a beautiful floor for my store. Having a Artist design my floor was something I’ve never experienced but I’m very happy I went with them to do my flooring. Derwin is very gifted and if your thinking about hiring this company I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Derwin for all of your beautiful artwork and dedication to completing my store floor.
Kim Carrington
Google Reviewer
LOooooooooVE it! All the details are stated--proper temperature in work area, why to choose the base coat vs the epoxy as a base and the different drying times, why NOT to use pigment vs the color pod, etc. Great!
Kadarion Richardson
Google Reviewer
This tutorial was being great form showing how to do it start to finish. Then showing us how to fix the mistakes we might have made. Great all around
Dawn Green
Google Reviewer
If you are currently doing Epoxy countertops/floors or are looking to start… you have to take this course! The design technique that he shows in the course is next level, but at the same time, easy enough for anyone to do and create amazing Art!!! The DSD product looks very rich and easy to work with … especially if y’all see the design technique!! It’s NOT the typical technique that I’ve seen out there… we’ll worth the investment! M I am too excited to have all of the pro tips and to be doing something different!!! I’m about to order my product…

Many people face a common challenge when learning epoxy from traditional courses and programs: a lack of practical application and real-world context. These courses often focus heavily on theoretical concepts, legal jargon, and technicalities, without providing sufficient guidance on how to apply these principles in real-life contracting scenarios.

This program has practical learning experiences and real-world context. We understand that simply understanding the theory of epoxy is not enough; learners need to develop the skills and confidence to navigate actual contracting situations effectively.

Our course employs a hands-on approach, incorporating interactive case studies, simulations, and practical exercises to ensure that learners gain practical experience and enhance their problem-solving abilities. 

This program covers all of this below plus more.

  • Flooring design fundamentals for beginners with no prior experience.
  • Flexible learning options to progress at your own pace.
  • Extensive content covering multiple chapters and hours of instruction.
  • Lifetime access to course materials for unlimited learning.
  • Comprehensive training on concrete, wood, and tile preparation techniques.
  • Master the distinctive DSD style of floor designing.
  • Get acquainted with essential equipment and materials for floor design.
  • Learn proper application methods for coatings on different surfaces.

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